Immature honeydew = cucumbers

I just had to share this discovery of Red Chief's that I mentioned briefly in yesterday's post.

We had a volunteer honeydew vine come up from the compost this year, but it grew too late to give us any mature honeydew. When we pulled up the vine at the end of the season, it was covered in many tiny honeydew melons under 6 inches long.

You can peel and slice these just like cucumbers. They taste nearly identical. We enjoyed them plain and in a salt-and-vinegar brine.

I have never had luck growing cucumbers, so I'm pretty happy we got some from our garden this year!

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  1. That's awesome! I've had yellow flowers come up in the compost, but never anything edible. I thought of you and your recipes today when I was with a group of kids talking about the different colors of beans. I told them that one of my friends puts white beans in chocolate chip cookies. They started out saying "EWW!" but I told them the cookies tasted AWESOME, and they started to look intrigued.