Final harvest

I've begun the final harvest of our garden, because it will freeze soon. I'm picking everything and pulling up the plants.

Above I have too many giant radishes (remind me not to plant so many next time, or to use some every few days), beet greens and swiss chard, green honeydew, green onions, acorn squash, green peppers, and pinto beans (a volunteer plant that came up from the compost; the kids enjoyed snacking on the green pods, which were just like green beans).

Green tomatoes and cherry tomatoes; eggplant; green pumpkins; more green onions.

More green tomatoes and summer squash.

The last watermelon; an almost-ripe honeydew melon; a lovely pumpkin. Not pictured: corn, basil.

I've been busy in the kitchen the last few days, and although I've been working hard all day, I feel like I'm not getting everything done because I've been neglecting some of my normal work.

But we have boxes of green tomatoes ripening in the garage and vegetables processed and waiting in the fridge and freezer.


  1. Wow..lots of veggies.. That will keep you busy for awhile.. Ours is all gone now.. and the garden is cleaned and ready for next year.. [except Hubby plowed up a small patch to grow turnip/mustard greens.. and they are almost ready to start picking.]

  2. You did awesome! I really need to get cracking on ideas for patio gardening for the Spring, because I just do not go to my parents' house enough to care for gardens. My dad tries, but then I go over there and look and ask, What is This? I'm especially jealous of those gourds.