A giant cabbage

We visited our families over the weekend, and my parents gave me a fourteen-pound cabbage from their garden.

The thing is so massive it filled my big kitchen sink.

It made my largest cutting board, knife, and bowl look ridiculously small.

I eventually wrestled half of it into my biggest bowl for a new experiment: lacto-fermented sauerkraut.

I used these instructions to make the sauerkraut, and these instructions to keep the air out. We'll see in a few days how it turns out.

I also made a quart of lacto-fermented pickles (not pictured) using immature honeydew from our garden (they taste just like cucumbers). After making them, I read that tap water and table salt can kill the cultures, so we'll see if they turn out, since that's what I used.

I read a lot about lacto-fermenting before I decided to take the plunge. It's a hard thing to get into because it goes against a lot of what I've been taught all my life about food safety and bacteria. But I'm convinced it's probably safe, and I'm looking forward to tasting the results of my first experiment.


  1. Oh wow! How did the kitchen smell?

    1. Not at all, since it was raw. But today I cooked the other half of the cabbage to freeze. The whole house smells!

  2. What a big cabbage..
    Let us know, how it turns out..

  3. interesting. I've never looked into lacto-fermenting, because it just sounds weird, lol. I hope it turns out great for you! Thanks for coming by Foodie Friday