Organizing the laundry supplies

This week I got tired of the leaky, un-reclosable boxes of chemicals in my laundry room. Also I ordered five pounds of citric acid and I needed a safe place to keep it.

So I ordered five plastic canisters to hold it all. The canisters were actually free because I used the cash back from our credit card to pay for them. I love these locking containers; I've had some in my pantry and they've held up really well.

I thought about using jars, because I love the look of these, but in my experience the lids are really flimsy; they bend and rust easily.

I'm going to keep these containers well labeled because I'm not convinced I'll be able to tell the borax and washing soda apart. I can think how to tell the citric acid apart (it should fizz when combined with baking soda and water, right?), but the borax and washing soda are both basic and they both look about the same, so I'll just try not to get them mixed up.

I don't usually do cutesy labels; masking tape and a permanent marker are more my thing. You can tell I was being fancy here because I trimmed the edges of the tape instead of just ripping.

(Inspiration: bottom picture here, via Pinterest. Thanks!) 


  1. Ha! I would totally use tape and a marker too. So practical. I just made some more laundry detergent yesterday and I think this is a smart idea.

  2. love how organized your laundry detergent making is.. the containers are so nice..