'Summer stuff' we did

First we went on a boat.

They just don't build power plants like this anymore.

Tiger Lily's hair is officially curly when she's on a boat.

Evidently there are pirate ships sailing around the Great Lakes (although I hear the technical term is 'tall ship').

Locks opening.

Props to Mr. Mordecai for being the only one to look pleasant and look at the camera.


Next we went to an island.

No cars allowed on Mackinac, so we took a horse carriage tour.

Bikes everywhere.

Tiger Lily is ready to go home.

Red Chief isn't.


We visited some nature preserves. (All these photos courtesy of Red Chief, who took pictures of everything, especially the signs.)

A tree.

The very windy shore.

My mom and me at the very windy shore.

A pond.

Best of all, we went to the great-grandparents' house.

What more could a couple of kids want than a kiddie pool and a garden full of raspberries?


  1. Those are such beautiful pics. You look just like your mom. I am so glad you got to get away for a few days.

  2. Looks like simple, good old fashioned fun. I love seeing some pictures of your family. You are a lovely woman.

    You know what else I love here- how you always manage to keep your posts short and sweet. Maybe I could keep doing my blog if I could figure out how to do that. And how to blog and upload pictures faster.

  3. Looks like you and family had a great summer get away.. What fun. And I enjoyed seeing what the Mordecai family looks like. Lovely, each one of you..
    And the kids are adorable.