Quilt top

I've made two twin-sized quilt tops in the past month for a church humanitarian project. First they collected fabric donations, then they cut out the pieces. Individuals will piece the quilts, then we will get together and tie them this fall.

I received two packets of squares. The first quilt I made up was ugly. The fabrics clashed wildly, and although I tried to make some sense and pattern out of the blocks, it doesn't look beautiful. Also many of the blocks were not cut out perfectly, so my seams didn't match up at all. I didn't get a picture of that one before I turned it in.

The second quilt (see picture above) went much better. The blocks were cut out just right, and most of the corners matched up (or came pretty close, anyway). What's more, the fabrics coordinated, so it actually turned out looking pretty nice. Why is there a green strip at the top? The kit was missing eight squares, so I went through my fabric and found something that would somewhat coordinate.

As I was sewing up these quilt tops, the kids kept asking me whom they were for. I don't know! In the past our church group has given quilts to homeless shelters, and I know they are collecting school supplies for homeless teens this fall. Whomever the quilts go to, I hope that having something warm and handmade will help them feel loved.


  1. How wonderful that you and your church are doing this.. I do pray that they will be warm and cozy for a homeless person or a person in need. May God bless them and each of you for your wonderful work..
    This quilt top is beautiful..

  2. That's beautiful. I wish I could go with you to tie them. I went to a quilting get-together once, and I think I was the only one there under 75

  3. What a neat project! I've been thinking about trying my hand at quilting sometime. Fun to wonder who will get to use and treasure them!

  4. How pretty! And what a great ministry!