Kitchen firsts

Although it's possible I've made one before and forgotten about it, I'm pretty sure this is my first meringue pie. And my first homemade graham cracker crust. At least the key lime filling was something I had tried before.

The pie looks fancy, but it was easy and didn't take long. I suppose I'll have to try a lemon meringue pie next: I've heard they're trickier.

It's nice to know there are still kitchen firsts left for me even after 8.5 years of marriage. I like trying new things.


  1. If you use the lemon meringue pie recipe on the Argo cornstarch package you will have a winner! That is the only one my family has ever used! Your pie looks wonderful. I grew up doing the meringue for my Mom when she had pie baking marathons for holidays but after I got married I just quit putting it on my pies because my husband and kids would take it off the pie and throw it away! I figured it was a waste of time and egg whites but my pies just look naked!

    1. How tragic to have your meringue thrown away! I think it's the best part.

      Thanks for the recipe recommendation. I ddon't have Argo corn starch, but I found the recipe on their website. I can't wait to try it!

  2. If you want some more kitchen firsts, try looking into the raw food diet. Seriously, the recipes are from another planet.