A little bit of shopping

Today I ventured out to one of my least favorite stores to make sure that my kids have everything they need for the fall: school supplies, preschool supplies, clothes.

I let Red Chief pick out some of his own clothes and—wow! I'm sure he's not the only seven-year-old with a rather garish sense of style. I let him get a highlighter-yellow t-shirt that hurts my eyes. I also let him get some extremely shiny light blue basketball shorts, but on the condition that he wears them to bed. He did pick out some more conservative polo shirts and striped t-shirts that I like better. I tried not to say no to too many things because I want him to be able to make some of his own choices as he is getting older.

I let Tiger Lily pick out some of her own clothes too, but I told her no more often—possibly because she wanted everything, and possibly because some of the little girl clothes they sell look kind of trashy. I can see that shopping with her in the future is going to be a challenge, if only because there is so little out there that is suitable. How I wish we were still back in the baby sizes!

In any case, pencils have been bought, folders have been chosen, markers and construction paper have been replenished, and I think we're about ready for fall. I'm looking forward to it: I started waving my white flag of surrender to this summer starting last month.


  1. Your least favorite store? I wonder what that could be. ;0

    Annalise has to wear polo shirts, and I got several of them at Value Village for 1 and 2 dollars each as well as pants that fit the dress code. We also went a little crazy with 25 cent boxes of crayons, 25 cent composition books and 17 cent spiral notebooks (and 17 cent folders).

  2. Yea....proud you got the school shopping done.. Kids do have their own taste,ha.
    I have 4 granddaughters, and it is so difficult to find little girls clothes that are suitable.. SO sad, the way ,the RTW makes such awful things for little girls. Which is why ,I sew a lot of them.

  3. I love school supplies, I have a real weakness for them. So, while I've been hanging out trying to keep myself from buying a lifetime supply of filler paper, I've seen lots of families doing the back to school thing. It looks like torture! I'm glad you're got yours finished and hope the kids have a great fall!