A little bit of scrubbing

Today I scrubbed the sink, stovetop, garbage and recycling cans, and the cupboard under the sink (which was totally gross!).

This is kind of a big deal. My body has been thinking about having another arthritis flare-up, which means that the pain isn't too bad yet, and I'm still hoping that it will go away by itself and I won't have to go to the doctor again.

So it felt great to have enough energy this morning to do some long-overdue cleaning. I've been looking at that nastiness under the sink for too long!

And now I need to remind myself to take it easy, to save cleaning the bathroom for another day, and just stick to basics the rest of today.

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  1. So proud you got all that cleaning done.. Hope your arthritis gets under control soon..[SO sorry, I Know it is awful, take care]