A little bit of scheduling

School is starting soon, and I am happy that we will be transitioning into a more structured routine. This week, with the family's input, I sketched out what our days should be looking like, and what tasks we should be getting done when.

We've been practicing getting up a little earlier this week: Mr. Mordecai and Tiger Lily are naturally early risers, but Red Chief and I are not.

So far it has felt good to get up a little (or a lot!) earlier. I feel more in control of my day, and I'm definitely getting more done. So is Red Chief: I printed out his list of morning tasks (pray, make bed, get dressed, tidy up room), and he's actually been doing them.

I learned to my detriment last school year that bad habits formed in the beginning will persist all year. I am hoping to form good habits and routines this fall, and I hope that they will persist as well as my bad habits did last year!


  1. Such a great idea.. Transitioning into the new school year is always so difficult.. And kinda sad, to leave the more laid back life style of summer vacation. My grandkids have already went back to school [2 weeks ago], so they are beginning to get into the routine.. I sure miss them, they are so busy, I don't get to see them much.
    Best wishes to Tiger Lily and Red Chief.

  2. I love that the list is doable. I tend to make looong lists. I still need to get things on track for the year ahead. My kids start on Monday, I need to work up a new daily routine for them and me to hopefully make home life feel a little less chaotic.