We have a garden!

We've finally finished our garden! And by "we," I mostly mean my husband, because he did most of the work. I just helped.

First we planned it out. Then we cut the sod from the garden area. Next we tried to level the area, but the soil was so clay and compact that we had to rent a tiller. The tiller lost a couple of tines due to rocks: I'm glad we paid the extra ten dollars for insurance. My parents helped us up to this point, and it was so great to have them there, running the tiller, making meals, wrangling the children.

Next we built the boxes and started laying the pavers. At this point, the sprinkler guys came in and took about a month(!) to fix up the sprinklers. But they're all set—and we're very excited for that, because the sprinklers in our back yard have never been quite right.

They finally finished last week, and we lost no time finishing up the pavers, filling the boxes with dirt and compost, and finally, last night, putting in some plants.

I know it's a bit of a gamble putting in peppers, tomatoes, and watermelon, but the nursery had all the plants on close-out, and they're so big that I'm hoping that we'll get something. I'm extremely excited about the asparagus I found (below)—I paid under $3 for 12 plants. I planted some rhubarb from my mom beside it.

The left-hand bed will eventually be all perennials. I'm hoping to put in some raspberries at some point, and flowers.

I'll be planting seeds in another bed soon, but I want to try out the soaker hose for a few days first and see if I like it before I buy more. So far it looks like it's pretty effective, but obviously it's covering the areas next to the hose really well, while areas far from the hose are a bit drier. Perhaps I should put in another hose for better coverage, or perhaps laying them straight across would work better? Or perhaps another method of irrigation would work better. If you have any experience with this, I'd love some advice. I have a hose connection on both sides of each bed, and I can hook up anything I want. The connections will automatically come on when we program them to—pretty nice, eh?

We still have work left to do. There are flowerbeds in the back of the house that need our attention next. And some of our grass died while we were working on the yard, so we'll need to take care of that. I'm actually going to spread clover seed in the back yard, because I love clover, and I love that it will actually improve the soil instead of deplete it. I would do it in the front yard if I dared, but I think the silly HOA would have something to say about it.

I'm glad to have room to plant whatever I want. I loved our old garden boxes, but there just wasn't much room. I'm having so much fun thinking of what to fill the boxes with.


  1. Looks great! This year we've approached the garden as "if something grows, great! If not, throw down seeds for the new season instead." So our pumpkins didn't sprout, but our melons are going nuts in the pumpkin patch. It all works out.

  2. looks great, and the boxes always look less cluttered and more manageable than a large dirt plot. congratulations!