Red-Chief-isms and Tiger Lily-isms, 2012

I have quite a few silly sayings from Red Chief and Tiger Lily to catch up on here, so expect some silliness over the next week or so.

These are from March–Decemer 2012, when Tiger Lily and Red Chief were 3 and 6.


Tiger Lily is convinced there will be ponies at the book fair.

Red Chief: "Mom, you're so wicked and mean."
Tiger Lily: "He's right."

Tiger Lily, on the convertible parked next to us: "That's not a very good car. It has no roof."

Red Chief: "Wow, this corn is good. I bet they have corn in the Garden of Eden. I bet they have apples there too . . . WAIT . . . the apples are NOT okay to eat!"

Red Chief keeps paper hidden in his room. He calls it "famine paper," because he's saving it for when he runs out of paper.

Red Chief: "I actually really like cucumbers. The only thing I don't like about them is the taste."

Tiger Lily: "Mom, can we have a snack in five minutes?"
Me: "Actually, I was planning to have a snack in about thirty minutes."
Tiger Lily: "Oh, that's a great idea! We can have a snack in five minutes and a snack in thirty minutes!"

Red Chief just delivered me a glass of water with a note taped to it: "Frech cleen cold water." What a lucky mom I am.

The kids just talked to Santa at the mall. Red Chief wants tape. Tiger Lily wants a microscope.

Tiger Lily: "Can I please buy a mouse? For kitty to eat?"
Me: "Do you really want to watch the cat kill a mouse?"
Tiger Lily: "Yes. And I will wipe up the floor when she is done."

Red Chief: "Most the time I don't feel like I have my head because I can't see it."

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  1. I so enjoyed these. Nothing better than a good laugh with the kiddos. My favorite was Red Chief's fresh glass of water for his mom.. ADORABLE!!!
    and Tiger Lily... wanting a mouse for her cat....now, that is loving your cat, hahahhaa
    thanks for sharing.