More quotes from Red Chief and Tiger Lily: 2013

Here's the next installment of silly doings and sayings from Red Chief and Tiger Lily. These are from the first half of 2013, when they were 6 and 3.


Tiger Lily is walking around with a toy stethoscope around her neck.
Me: "Are you going to be a doctor when you grow up?"
Tiger Lily: "Y . . . y. . . no. I'm going to be a mommy. Or a scientist. Are mommies scientist-es?"
Me: "They can be."
Tiger Lily: "I'm going to be a scientist."

I let Red Chief use the oven for the first time today (at 200°) to melt crayons into heart shapes for his valentines. He came over to me and said, "I'm speeding up the melting!" I noticed scorch marks on his oven mitts and a funny smell . . . he sped up the melting by putting the pan directly on the element!

Tiger Lily: "Daddy, I already know everything!"
Mr. Mordecai: "That might have to go on Facebook."
Tiger Lily: "I already know that, too."

Tiger Lily: "I have a little friend named Joe the Wreck. He's just a little baby. He's still in my tummy. If he gets hungry there are some bananas in there."

Tiger Lily wrote "OMM" and said, "Look, Mom, I wrote your name!" Close.

Red Chief got his own snack: four large pickles and a glass of heavy cream. We're working on modifying that now.

Tiger Lily: "Mom, you're not very mean. You just need some practice."

Tiger Lily: "I'm wearing all pink with a red shirt!"

Tiger Lily: "Did Wendy grow up to be Cinderella?"

Tiger Lily and her friend just put on their helmets. "Let's go upstairs and do something dangerous," said Tiger Lily.


  1. Tooo too cute.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Annalise said she heard a story about a skunk that was mad at a dog, so the skunk "sprayed his tomato juice all over the dog".