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Here are the silly things Red Chief and Tiger Lily have said in June and July 2013, with Tiger Lily age 4 and Red Chief age 6.

And now we're all caught up.


Tiger Lily: "This is our cat."
Friend: "Is it a girl or a boy?"
Tiger Lily: "It's a girl."
Friend: "Does it have any babies?"
Tiger Lily: "No. We took the kitten part out."
Friend: "Why don't you want it to have any babies?"
Tiger Lily: "Because it would hurt. A lot."

Red Chief: "I wish I was back in school, so I wouldn't have to do as much work."

Tiger Lily: "According to my research, humans who eat bread, it goes right into your stomach. Down your esophagus."

Red Chief: "How does fat keep you warm?"
Me: "Why don't we do a little experiment tomorrow to show you how it works?"
Red Chief: "Okay . . . but don't cut me open."

Tiger Lily: "Red Chief and I are pretending to go to Attle."
Red Chief: "It's Seattle."
Tiger Lily: "Seattle. Come on, Red Chief, let's go and see Attle."

Tiger Lily: "Mom, why are my preschool teachers nicer than you and Daddy?"
Me: "Your preschool teachers are nicer than us?"
Tiger Lily: "No. They're much, MUCH nicer!"


  1. "The kitten part" lol.
    Annalise told me sadly that she had a dream that she saw her friends from her Kindergarten class "just one last time". I felt horrible and promised her that when she starts first grade, most of them will be there. There will also be new friends. I already know that one of her closest friends moved, but I did not tell her.

  2. Tooooo funny... Love the teacher one.. "Now Mama, Why? aren't you as nice , I mean MUCH nicer than the teacher?".hahahha.

    And also the account of the reason for not having kittens, I thought that was a REAL good answer..

    Totally enjoyed these. thank you for sharing.

  3. I love your quotes! I'm sure you'll be so glad to have them as they grow.