A new job chart for the kids

The novelty of our beginning-of-summer job chart has worn off, so I made something new.

I have printed out two charts like the one below, each customized with my child's name. I chose the cursive font for Red Chief, who is very interested in it, and I added the pictures for Tiger Lily, who can't read yet.

I hope the chart will help them (and me!) remember their responsibilities for each day, and motivate them to complete them.

I think I will have them cover each picture with a magnet when they have completed that task.


  1. I love it! It looks very much like your style :o)

  2. Annalise and I cleaned behind and under the fridge today. She loves chores. How long does that love last? It was disgusting. I rewarded her by getting her a free ap.

  3. Great idea.. Bet the kids love it..