Recently tried recipes

Cheesy cauliflower patties. These were just okay for me, but the kids loved them (with ketchup) and I loved seeing them stuff themselves on cauliflower so much that I'll probably make them again. I used homemade bread crumbs instead of panko, and I also had to add about 1/2 cup flour. I think I mashed them up too much, so I'll try to do better next time, although I think that made the kids like them more.

No-bake chocolate peanut butter oat bars. These came together very nicely. I left out 1 cup of sugar and the chocolate chips and they were still plenty sweet. I used a 9" square pan and they were quite thick. Next time I'll use my 10" pan. We did have to eat these with forks because they melt upon contact with the skin.

Skillet barbecue chicken. The only change here was to use 8 chicken legs. My kids said I make the best barbecue chicken ever. That's good enough for me! I might start making my own barbecue sauce from these ingredients; it was really good.

Fried chicken. My kids loved this. I think I had my oil a little too hot, though, and it was too brown although not burned. I liked the buttermilk brine, but I thought there was too much crispy coating.

Whole wheat bagels. I wasn't expecting the first whole wheat bagel recipe I tried to be so good. Changes for next time: reduce salt to 1 teaspoon and add some gluten. I found the dough hard to work with and the tops of the bagels looked fine, while the bottoms were strange-looking. I think the gluten may help. Also, note to self: this won't rise as much as I expect it to. Don't let it go more than two hours.

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  1. The cauliflower patties sounds good.. It might even get my ticky granddaughter to eat a veggie. ha