Lots of little shorts

About a month ago, I sat down one evening and cut out six little pairs of shorts for the kids to sleep in this summer. I've been trying to use up some of the more childish prints in my stash, since they're growing up fast and may not always be pleased with racing puppy dogs on their clothes.

I sewed the the shorts all up, but I only put the elastic in two pairs. Then I set them aside and mostly forgot about them until today. I finished the last four pairs this afternoon. I'm so glad they're done, and now the kids will have something cool to wear to bed.

I hope they sleep well.


  1. I have so much fabric, it's insane. I have 3 different headband styles, and generally make scrunchies out of scraps. I've done baby headbands out of little trim, but I need more ideas. I'm making cloth diapers, too. With all the home decor fabrics, I'm making pillows and stuffing them with the soft scraps from the cloth diapers just to use them up for something. These are all from the fabric scrap bags I got at the thrift store for some $4-$5 each. I was there the other day, and they have more, but there's no way. I did get a huge bag of cute baby sun hats for $1.50, and seeing if I can resell them at the flea market for $2 each or something. My home is a mess.

  2. OH soooo sweet.. I know the kids will sleep well in their new shorts.. Fun sewing ...