Keeping us busy

Perhaps you'd like to know what's been keeping us busy lately?

We're finally trying to get the back yard under control.

When we moved in, it was mostly weeds. The first couple of years that we lived here, we mostly got the weeds under control (except the areas the sprinklers didn't cover), and we built two 4'x4' garden boxes.

This year we decided to bite the bullet and spend our tax return on finishing the job. I wanted more garden space, and I'm so happy to have raised beds—our soil is clay and very rocky, and I'm looking forward to gardening in the boxes. The boxes are 4'x40'.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago, before the sprinkler guys started digging up our back yard. We're modifying things so the garden boxes can be on their own circuit, and we're finally going to have coverage of a few areas of the yard that die every summer (it seems that the people who put the sprinklers in originally ran out of steam when they got to the side of the house and just stopped).

We started work on Memorial Day weekend. My parents came up to help us with the work and the kids that weekend. Silly me, I thought we'd have the garden boxes finished by the end of the weekend. It's been slower than I originally thought, but I'm so excited to finally be tackling the back yard!

When we bought this house, I was excited about the big back yard because I wanted to grow a garden and orchard. Every time I've walked out there for the last few years, I've felt a little guilty that I haven't made it happen.

It's not done yet, but progress feels good. I hope I'll have photos of the completed beds for you soon.


  1. I love it! Our backyard *might* be 40 feet long at the longest part. It might not be quick, but it'll definitely be a worthwhile project.

  2. I'm jealous of your super awesome garden boxes! :)