Catching up

All week I've been trying to balance resting and recovering with keeping up with things around the house. Unfortunately I haven't been doing very well at either one, but things are finally starting to look up. I'm not back at 100% yet, but I'm feeling better, and last night was the first really good rest I've had in a week (no coughing!).

I've stayed caught up on dishes this week (mostly thanks to Mr. Mordecai), but everything else needed done. Yesterday I finally got sick of it all—the clutter, the vase of dead flowers, the ants by the back door, the piles of laundry needing to be folded, the rumpled blankets falling out of the linen closet.

It's funny how easy it really was to get (mostly) caught back up once I got started. I developed a good momentum and went from task to task, finishing each as quickly as I could and trying to move in a logical order.

I feel so much better now! Life in a mess is depressing. Now if only today I can get a few more things done: cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, finishing the laundry, baking, cutting flowers for the mantel, and getting rid of those pestilential ants.


  1. I'm sorry, I wish I could come over. I have not been feeling well either. I'm having hot flashes and a lot of other symptoms of perimenopause and am seeing the doc Monday to confirm. I'm taking B12, that seems to help a lot. If I was rich, I'd drive all over the country and be a fairy godmother to all my family and friends. Rest well

  2. SO proud your feeling better. I agree, when the house gets in disarray, it makes you feel bad.. So nice that Mr.M helped keep the dishes done. That is a big help.
    I ,like Danielle said, wish I could come and help you.
    Take care , and don't overdo.. Sending prayers for you.