Ant bait

We get a few ants in our dining room every spring, but I just sprinkle borax around and sweep really well for a few days and they go away.
This year they were really bad, and spread to the carpet. The borax wasn't cutting it. I tried making this homemade ant bait from borax, sugar, and water, and the ants loved it.

I can't honestly tell you whether it was this bait, the commercial ant spray, or Mr. Mordecai caulking the crack outside the house, but we did eventually get rid of the ants.


  1. I keep meaning to post about ants, but I've never gotten around to it. Our ant problem is TERRIBLE. Don't you have a cat? Does she bother the bait?

    1. Our cat doesn't care about the bait (or the ants).

      And . . . the ants just came back again. Grr. I guess we'll get started again on more of the same.