Alphabet practice

This weekend I hunted down all of Red Chief's unused and half-used preschool workbooks (he wasn't really a workbook sort of guy). Tiger Lily adores them! Most of them still have 50¢ stickers on them from the thrift store.

We started the shapes workbook and an alphabet dot-to-dot book. Tiger Lily liked the shapes (and she did a great job coloring them), but she loved the alphabet dot-to-dots. I was surprised that my almost four-year-old could complete the puzzles with so little help. It gave her some great practice chanting through the alphabet over and over again (especially as she didn't stop until she had done eight pictures!).

Oh, and lest you think Red Chief is feeling left out, he's working on this summer bridge activity book, which he is enjoying very much.

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  1. Diana,
    what wonderful ideas you have for the children.. the books are not going to waste and the kids are benefitting from them---plus having fun!!
    You are such a good mama!! Have a great day!