Recently tried recipes

No-bake energy bites. These were a hit with the kids. I liked them too well enough but they were a little too sweet for my taste. I wonder if they would still hold together if I tried to reduce the honey?

Sour gummy candies. Also a hit with the kids. I liked them too, but I would have liked them more if I hadn't made them myself. Do yourself a favor and don't inhale while you're melting the stuff together. Unflavored gelatin smells nasty. I didn't have fun molds, so I used an ice cube tray (sprayed with non-stick spray).

Quinoa stuffed peppers. The grown-ups liked these very much. Red Chief thought they were all right; Tiger Lily just wanted the cheese. We'll definitely be making these again—I thought they were a great alternative to ground beef–stuffed peppers.

Chicken-potato-green bean casserole. We all liked this! I used a bag of frozen green beans. I cut the butter by half and melted it; added a few tablespoons of water; mixed in a packet of ranch dressing mix; then poured it over the top. My chicken needed an extra ten minutes past the hour of cooking time specified to reach a safe temperature.

Roasted red pepper pasta. This was yummy even without the Parmesan cheese, which I ran out of. I bet it's even better with.

Green curry soup. This was too spicy for the kids but not flavorful enough for the adults. It is really healthy, though! It was fun to make once but I probably won't bother to make it again.


  1. Thank you for the recipes.. I am going to make the healthy balls today.. I think my grandkids will love them [me too!!!]
    Also, need to try the gummy snacks.. I have one granddaughter who loves the gummy bears [pure sugar- so unhealthy] and she is so tickey with her eating.. This would be a good substitution.
    Have a great day.

  2. I made your glass cleaner and cleaned pretty much everything with it, including walls. Annalise has bubble day Wednesday an we don't have commercial bubbles. Do u have a good recipe I can throw in a container? Something with dish soap?

    1. I don't but I bet Google can tell you. :)