Every once in awhile, I like to poke through my Google Analytics account and look at the search terms, mostly to make sure I'm not inadvertently attracting creeps. It has actually been years since I have looked at the things people search for that bring them to this site.

You might be glad to hear that I don't seem to have written anything lately that is attracting creeps. I was heartened to find, however, that thousands of people have been using my dried to canned beans conversion. It makes me happy to know that some of what I write is useful to people other than myself.

In any case, I came across some silly search terms as I was browsing. I'm afraid my blog probably wasn't very helpful to these people.

  • pain in the waffle iron
  • poems about coughs and colds
  • nose shaper before and after
  • how we can storage wheat in selos
  • i love my tiger lily skirt
  • if i bleach my dishcloth is that good enough for eh
  • is it okay to eat potato for breakfast
  • am i humble quiz

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  1. Yep, I found you via my search for "dried to canned beans conversion." I am enjoying your simple and sweet blog!