I've made a goal this summer to make more popsicles for my kids. Even if I use sugar in them, I'll still be eliminating artificial colors (and whatever other fake stuff might be in them), not to mention waste.

I have three different sets of molds, each with one spot out of commission due to breakage. Two sets I just picked up at the grocery store for a dollar; the third is this one, which is very popular with the kids.

Last week, I froze pineapple-orange-strawberry juice. This week I made a batch with a quart of grape juice home-canned by my mom (thanks Mom!). We've also tried freezing syrup from my mom's home-canned blackberries (amazing) and syrup from a can of peaches (the kids liked it).

The kids want to make some with blueberries suspended in lemonade. I want to make pudding pops (using my microwave pudding recipe), and maybe try freezing some of our next smoothie. I might also try freezing yogurt, or adding gelatin to juice to slow down drips. There are so many possibilities!

I will continue to keep a few commercially frozen ice pops in plastic tubes for emergencies—they are our go-to in case a kid gets a split lip or minor mouth injury, and I want to ensure that we have some around for when we run out of homemade.

What ideas for fun flavors do you have? Have you made homemade popsicles?


  1. I love homemade popsicles.. So yummy.. When my kids were home, they would make watermelon ones from the juice of the water melons..[they are pretty too, and occasional seed might end up in it, but its pretty anyway.]There is lots of left over juice you can get from the watermelon, and still be able to eat it.]
    I also freeze flavored yogurt for the kids.

    1. ps I just got a chance to look at the ice cream molds.. Those are adorable.. I need to buy them for my grandkids. They would love them..Thanks for sharing the sight.

  2. My mom used to make pina colada popsicles. I think she combined canned cream of coconut and pineapple juice. It was delicious! I also used to eat tea ice cubes. My dad would freeze iced tea so that the cubes would chill his tea but not dilute it. I used to suck all of the tea out of the cube and then chew on the ice. I'm on the lookout for popsicle molds. My mom's molds weren't great - the stick would often come right out of the middle of the pop.