I used to post our menus fairly often, but it's been a long time since I've put one up. Here is the list of dinners we're currently working our way through:

Quinoa stuffed peppers; coleslaw
Pizza pasta bake
Cabbage roll casserole
Chicken-potato-green bean casserole; salad
Southwest layered salad; muffins or cornbread
Quesadillas; melon; guacamole and chips
Roasted red pepper pasta, artichokes, lemon-mustard dip
Black bean burgers 
Black bean tacos; pineapple
Green curry soup; brown rice
Mediterranean couscous and lentils

I haven't put sides with everything—usually I just wing it with canned or frozen fruits or vegetables, or whatever's around that needs using up.

What are you eating lately?


  1. Annalise is going through an "I want nothing but cereal" phase.

    1. I can relate! Tiger Lily asks for cereal a lot too.

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipes.. The pizza pasta bake sounds great .. And I love stuffed peppers- it is one of our regulars.

    Things I have been cooking-
    1-Barbque hamburgers [Kenny's mom come up with this recipe.. It is not a grilled burger as we all know.. Will share the recipe with you sometimes.]
    2- Chicken salad
    3- Homemade bisquits-eggs-fresh fruit and jelly
    4- Turkey chili

    1. Sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing.