Good-bye, Google Friend Connect

I've stopped using Google Friend Connect. I took it off my blog awhile ago, but this week I went through and "unfollowed" the few blogs I was still reading through it. I just wanted to throw this out there, though, if I was following you through GFC: I'm still reading your blog! Just through my RSS reader. I think it's easier to follow all my blogs the same way, especially since Google Reader is going soon.

Do you use Google Friend Connect?


  1. I follow blogs through my blogger account, and when I log in, all the most recent posts come up under my own blog information. The first about 10 lines of the blog post are shown, and to read more, you have to click on it. I've never used any of those other things.

  2. Hi Dianna. We went to Mormon church this morning. It was nice. I had the desire to go into system, so I went. The missionaries were so nice to us. Does the friendliness last? I still believe that all churches are true and will continue to learn from all sources about God. It's a belief I can't hide from no matter how sticky it gets. Ttyl.