A year of brown rice

Last February, I took a plunge and bought a 25-pound bag of brown rice, knowing it had to be used up in a year.

I did it—almost. I emptied the last of my five-gallon bucket into my pantry canister in April. The rice is still as nice as it was when I bought it, so it must like living in a bucket in my cool, dark closet.

It was fairly straightforward to use up once I figured out how to cook it successfully. Here are the recipes I use:

How to make perfect brown rice (we eat all sorts of stir-fries and curries over this)
Mexican-style brown rice
Brown rice jambalaya

Now that we've had brown rice so often, white rice seems kind of boring. I like that brown rice is chewier and more filling.

Have you tried making brown rice? How do you like it?


  1. We only eat brown rice. I definitely love the chewiness.

    I make up a big batch of rice at one time and freeze it in smaller batches. I make it differently than you do: I put 3 cups rice into 4.5 cups of water in a pan and boil it. When it boils, cover it and turn it to low for 20 minutes without touching it. Turn the heat off and let it sit without touching it for 10 minutes. It always turns out perfectly!

  2. I don't like white rice. I love brown rice. A tasty breakfast is hot brown rice (fresh or reheated) with honey and milk.