Making lip balm

I've had the itch to start making some of our own bath and body products lately, just for fun. When Walgreens stopped carrying our favorite store-brand beeswax lip balm, I finally felt justified in purchasing the ingredients: we'd been paying about $1.50 per tube, and name-brand is so much more expensive. I found the ingredients and the tubes on Amazon.

My family came to visit last week, and we tried this recipe. It was easy to make. Filling the tubes was a little trickier. We used a medicine syringe used to give liquid medicines to babies, and that worked really well, We did have to reheat the mixture a few times because it kept getting clogged.

I was nervous when I tried it the first time: what if it was soft as shortening or hard as a crayon? But it was just right. Bonus: my kids like it too.

This week when I was taking some laundry out of the dryer, I noticed an empty lip balm tube in the bottom of it. Oh, that's where Tiger Lily's went. She had been asking after it all week. We've found a few grease spots on our clothes, but it could have been much worse.


  1. I have some hair-dye applicator bottles from the dollar store, and this is what I plan on doing: Mixing my shampoo in it with essential oils and real aloe straight from the plant.

  2. Girl.. You are amazing... I think you can do "anything"... SOunds fun too.
    I so understand the lip balm being left in the clothes [and ending in the dryer..eeeh]. When My kids were little, one of them
    left a crayon in their pocket, and I washed it and dried it.. I had
    a load of very bad clothes , some of the dye never came out.. and my dryer was polka dot until, I got a new one.lol

    1. A crayon in the dryer is my worst nightmare!