Kitchen Krafts: Index of recipes from the Friend

The Friend is a children's magazine published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There has been a recipe column in the Friend magazine for years! It was called "Kitchen Krafts" when I was growing up. It disappeared for a time (during which recipes were printed in the "Bulletin Board"), and reappeared more recently as "Kitchen Crafts."

Whatever they call it (or however they spell it!), I love the recipes for their kid appeal. Red Chief and I have cooked several together. Some are more adult-friendly than others (the adults here weren't huge fans of the macaroni and cheese soup!), but Red Chief has enjoyed them all, and they aren't too hard for kids to make with help.

The recipes can be kind of tricky to find on the church's website, and I wanted to have them all in one place. I have indexed from 2005 to the present, and I will add more months if I find the time. I couldn't find any recipes for a few months. If you find any errors, please let me know.

For most of the newer recipes, you can download a PDF copy of the original magazine page, which may be more appealing to children than a text-only recipe. Click "Download" on the right side of the screen, then click "PDF." This option is not available for all of the recipes.

(Last updated 5/2017)


Index of recipes from the Friend

A Mouse in the House (January 2005)
Strawberry Smoothies; Breakfast Pizza (February 2005)
Snack on a Toothpick (March 2005)
Mini Pizzas; Father's Favorite Bread; Frozen Strawberry Dessert (June 2005)
Animal Snacks (July 2005)
California Roll-Up; Super Frothy Soda; Frozen Pineapple Pie (August 2005)
Peach Smoothie (September 2005)
Scrambled Eggs in a Jar; Blueberry Biscuits (October 2005)
Caramel Apple Drizzle (November 2005)
Red Beans and Rice Soup; Chinese Noodle Cookies; White Hot Chocolate (December 2005)

Carrot-Raisin Slaw; Tuna-Salad Wraps; Chewy Os (January 2006)
Chunky Cinnamon Applesauce; Carrot Fries; Strawberry Smoothies; Caramel Corn (February 2006)
Ham Fettuccine; Spring Bunnies (March 2006)
Baked Spring Catch; Spicy Mango Sauce; Cinnamon Fruit Snack (April 2006)
French Toast Sandwich; Layered Breakfast; Morning Sunshine Shake (May 2006)
Chicken-Stuffed Rolls; Cracker Snacks; Coconut Cranberry Dessert (June 2006)
Broccoli Bacon Salad; Tomato Pie; Cherry Chocolate Parfaits (July 2006)
Turkey Cheeseburgers; Sweet-Onion Rings; Fruit Pizza (August 2006)
Fresh Peach Jam; Squash Muffins; Stuffed Zucchini (September 2006)
Clam Chowder; Corn-bread Soufflé (October 2006)
Grandma's Play Dough; Grandma's Pie Dough; Jumbleberry Pie (November 2006)
Spiced Nuts; Festive Cracker Dip; Berry Bread (December 2006)

Pear Sandwich; Rosti Potatoes; German Butter Cookies; Muesli (January 2007)
Sweetheart Pasta Pie; Garlic Biscuits; Strawberry Squares (February 2007)
Polynesian Meatballs; Hawaiian Haystacks; Tropical Coconut Cake (March 2007)
Mini Omelettes; Brown Sugar Muffins; Apple Pancake Wraps (April 2007)
Tortillas; El Paso Pizza; Chicken Enchiladas (May 2007)
B.A.T. Sandwich; Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks; Veggie Kabobs; Frozen Mint Fudge Sandwiches (June 2007)
Ship's Biscuits; Lime Water; Shipshape Sandwiches (July 2007)
Pebre (Chilean Salsa); Empanadas (August 2007)
Ham and Cheese Biscuits; Veggie Macaroni; Easy Cheese Dessert (September 2007)
Pumpkin Soup; Baked Apple Dessert (October 2007)
Crescent Rolls (November 2007)
Hot Butterscotch Drink; Christmas Green Beans; Surprise Snowballs (December 2007)

Snowball Dessert and Cheesy Vegetable Snowman (January 2008)
Easy Cherry Pie; Salsa Snack; Peppers and Dip (February 2008)
Pita Pizza Pockets and Pizza Dip (March 2008)
Conference Bean Dip (April 2008)
Lamingtons (May 2008)
Homemade Frozen Yogurt (June 2008)
Plant Snacks (July 2008)
Peanut-Crust Pudding (August 2008)
Cornbread Cups (September 2008)
German and Scandinavian Pancakes (October 2008)
Stuffing Casserole (November 2008)
Edible Snowflakes; Candlestick Salad; Holiday Party Drink (December 2008)

Car Creations (January 2009)
Apple Sandwiches (February 2009)
Adventurous Breakfast [Quinoa] (March 2009)
Broiled Asparagus and Steamed Asparagus (April 2009)
Clafoutis (May 2009)
Good-Morning Fruit Smoothie (June 2009)
Sand-Dollar Cookies (July 2009)
August Fruit Cake (August 2009)
Matt and Mandy's Famous Salad (September 2009)
Apple Pie Spread (October 2009)
Autumn Surprise Pumpkin Cookies (November 2009)
Christmas Gift Cheese Dip; Shining Star Cookies (December 2009)

Sweethearts (February 2010)
Scripture Cookies (March 2010)
Strawberry Lemon Cream Roses (May 2010)
Fruit Kabobs (June 2010)
Butterfly Snacks (July 2010)
Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread (August 2010)
Cheerful Bananas (September 2010)
Veggie Spaghetti (October 2010)
Conference Popcorn (October 2010)
Applesauce Muffins (November 2010)
Greek Christmas Cookies; Christmas Carrots (December 2010)

Taco in a Bowl (January 2011)
In-a-Hurry Cookies (February 2011)
Confetti Pizza Pie (March 2011)
Bunny Buns (April 2011)
Fruit Sushi (June 2011)
Pioneer Pudding (July 2011)
Veggie Bugs (August 2011)
Multiple-Choice Snacks (September 2011)
Apple Grins and Apple Fries (October 2011)
Thankful Cookies (November 2011)
Peppermint Cocoa; Christmas Lemonade; Dutch Spice Bread (December 2011)

CTR Pretzels (January 2012)
Fruit and Veggie Butterflies (February 2012)
Mix-in Muffins (March 2012)
Bird Nest Snacks (April 2012)
Breakfast Waffle Sandwich (May 2012)
Dinner-for-Dad Meatball Sandwiches (June 2012)
Chocolate-Dipped Bananas (July 2012)
Colorful Layered Cake (August 2012)
Colorful Toast (September 2012)
Macaroni and Cheese Soup (October 2012)
Bento-Box Lunches (November 2012)
Rabanadas; Bibingka (December 2012)

Pineapple Delight (January 2013)
Pull-Apart Pizza and Parmesan Knots (February 2013)
Nifty Nachos (March 2013)
Honeycomb Candy (March 2013)
Crunchy Chicken Casserole; Simple Mashed Potatoes (April 2013)
Fruit Bouquet (May 2013)
Pretzel Sticks Snack Mix (June 2013)
Cheesy Tuna Melt (July 2013)
Pop-Top Peppers (August 2013)
Pavlova (September 2013)
Pumpkin Pancakes (October 2013)
Stuffed Apples (November 2013)
Fresh Salsa (December 2013)

Scripture Cookies (January 2014)
Shrimp Tacos (January 2014)
Blinis (February 2014)
Cornmeal Bread (March 2014)
Pastillas de Leche (April 2014)
Spaghetti on Toast (May 2014)
Pasta Amatriciana (June 2014)
Ham-and-Cheese Omelet (July 2014)
'Otai (August 2014)
Gamja Jorim (September 2014)
Stuffed Tomatoes (October 2014)
Toad in the Hole (November 2014)
Chokladbollar (December 2014)

Wake Up! (January 2015)
Yogurt Parfait (January 2015)
Fun Fruit Dip (February 2015)
Pita Pizza (February 2015)
Conference Heart Rolls (March 2015)
Juice Cups (March 2015)
Sandwich Bites (April 2015)
Chocolate Caramel Crackers (April 2015)
Quick Bites (May 2015)
Rice Pudding (May 2015)
Peach and Berry Cobbler (June 2015)
Snack Kabobs (July 2015)
Peanut Butter Pudding (July 2015)
Rainbow Delight (August 2015)
Lunchbox Sprinkles (August 2015)
Elephant Ears (September 2015)
Lunch Bag (September 2015)
French Apple Cake (October 2015)
Quick Bites (October 2015)
Spiced Nuts (November 2015)
Picarones (December 2015)

Pancakes; Tasty Treats (January 2016)
Apple Halwa; Tasty Treats (February 2016)
Sunshine Cookies; Tasty Treats (March 2016)
Short and Sweet Bananas; Tasty Treats (April 2016)
Pop-Star Popcorn; Tasty Treats (May 2016)
Mud Buckets; Tasty Treats (June 2016)
Tracting Trail Mixes; Tasty Treats (July 2016)
Funny Faces; Tasty Treats (August 2016)
Friendship Bread; Tasty Treats (September 2016)
Not-So-Chicken Fingers; Tasty Treats (October 2016)
Tasty Treats (November 2016)
Winter Lemonade; Tasty Treats (December 2016)

Strawberry Hearts; Granola Cookies (January 2017)
Brownie Hearts; Bonus Treat (February 2017)
Fruit Salad Fun; Bonus Treat (March 2017)
Peanut Butter Easter Eggs; Bonus Treat (April 2017)
Care-Package Cookies; Smoothies (May 2017)
Energy Bits; Oranges (June 2017)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing.. I really appreciate it. I have enjoyed reading them this morning, I will be trying some out with my grandkids too.. Have a nice day.

  2. Dude. You have been BUSY! That's awesome!