Healthy-ish snacks for moms

At our house, we all enjoy snacking. Sometimes I feel a little left out as I open the cupboards and see nothing but Easter candy, graham crackers, and Goldfish. Here are some snacks I wouldn't mind eating.
  • Walnuts, raisins, and dark chocolate chips
  • Rye crackers and hummus
  • Triscuit crackers and cheese
  • Orange slices and Nutella
  • Herbal tea 
  • Tortilla chips and avocado mashed with lemon and salt
What do you like to snack on? I'd love some new ideas.


  1. I like Larabars, but I am sure you could make them yourself. I'm sure I could, too.

  2. And, it's just that easy!


    1. Those look yummy. Thanks for the link!

    2. I do make those larabars, and they're awesome. I also make her homemade goldfish/cheez-its: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2011/03/23/recipe-easy-cheesy-crackers/ If you can make slice and bake cookies, you could make those crackers.

      That site is FANTASTIC for healthy snacks.

  3. Homemade air popped popcorn with a little butter & salt
    all-natural or organic yogurt--mountain high brand is my favorite

  4. I love sweets [but I am pre- diabetic and I don't want to ever become one, so I watch my sweets]SO, I try to keep lighter sweets.
    Such as:
    Graham cracker with either peanut butter or nutella
    Light snack cranola bars
    pop corn
    Baked chips
    Low calorie ice cream sandwhiches [which Kenny says,"this is NOT ice cream , ha.. but I like them]
    You just put any flavor cool whip between two graham crackers, spray baking dish with Pam spray.. Put your stuffed crackers in the freezer to freeze, take out for a cool treat..