Future strawberries . . . and dandelions

The rosemary in our front flowerbed died over the winter, but the strawberries are thriving. And the dandelions.

The daffodils are done blooming, so there will be a lull until the black-eyed susans that reseeded themselves are big enough to bloom. But once they start, they'll bloom all summer and fall!


  1. Strawberries are a groundcover. That is, if you let them alone, they'll cover your lawn like grass. And, you'll have a lot of strawberries, but that's ok, because they make good preserves. A lot of people do strawberries in lieu of grass. Our zucchini is coming up like crazy, but I have no motivation to go to my parents' house anymore. They tend to stress me out lately. The gardens are not even temptors enough to go over there. I'm terrible, I know.

  2. Strawberries.. I love them.. Plus.. the plants and blooms are so pretty.

  3. This is pretty much our front yard! We have a tiny terraced plot with three raised beds. We have dandelions and violets that we eat and lancinato kale in the top bed with columbine, daffodils, holly, irish moss, and black eyed susans. In the middle bed we have junebearing strawberries and hostas (only *B* eats the hostas). In the bottom, we have thyme and radishes for the moment. That level is the most bare and needs the most work this spring. The yard looks cute. None of our neighbors have complained at least :o)

    Do you eat your dandelions or any other non-traditional plants?

    1. We've eaten a few dandelions—last year I cooked some with bacon and they were disgusting. This year we just mixed some in with a salad and they were better. I'm hoping to plant some violets and roses in the next few years too.