Five days of kid food

A few years ago, I posted five days of recipes for kid food. At the time, I was just trying to make Red Chief happy while Mr. Mordecai was away. Now I'm looking at the recipes again in a new light: perhaps my kids would like to help make them. They love helping in the kitchen, and although it's easy to brush them aside because they slow things down, I know that it's important for them to learn to cook.


Five days of kid food

1. Toad in the hole
2. Giant sandwich
3. Sticky chicken drumsticks
4. Clam alphabet pasta
5. Kebabs


  1. Great kid recipes.. I will try them with my grandkids [I have one really picky eater,, she will like these..].Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those all sound really tasty. I'm really excited for Miss F to be able to cook with me. Is Tiger Lily old enough to help cook now?

    1. Tiger Lily is 3 and is a big helper in the kitchen. She unloads the dishwasher, fetches me ingredients, stirs, and works alongside me in her play kitchen when I don't have anything for her to do. I love having her cook with me!