After-breakfast bread

My new favorite bread recipe: After-breakfast bread. I love that this recipe calls for leftover oatmeal. The recipe encourages experimentation, so I haven't yet made it as written. We always have more oatmeal (1–1.5 cups, I guess I should make less!), so I reduce the water by half to begin with, then add more with the flour as necessary.

The first time I made this bread, I used some homemade yogurt that turned out funny. It tasted like sourdough, and it was so good I almost wished I had more runny lumpy yogurt so I could make another batch.

The second time I made it, Red Chief informed me that my homemade bread is much better than store bread. I'm sure adding the extra oatmeal is making it a bit heavy, but we all love it, so it's not changing.

Here's what we did with our second baking: panini to go with pumpkin soup for dinner. Those strange-looking panini are the last two mini bagels that we needed to use up.

I'm contemplating buying some bannetons as used in the original recipe, but I have so many baking accessories already, I don't know if I want to store any more.

Now I want to try these barley twists from the same site.


  1. What a clever recipe! And now you,ve totally got me wanting to make bread!

  2. Looks yummy and sounds so good..

  3. I've made bread with leftover oatmeal, too. Our kids seem to be eating it all lately, though, no matter how much I make.