Treating colds and coughs during the day

Luckily most colds are much better during the day than they are at night time. But they are still miserable! Here are some things I've been doing during the day to help my children's colds and coughs.

  • Get up early enough to leave plenty of time before school, since colds usually feel the worst in the morning.
  • Plan a nourishing, comforting breakfast. My favorite is cream of wheat and soft-boiled eggs.
  • Keep a thin layer of Mentholatum or Vicks Vaporub under the nose. If you just can't stand the smell, or if the skin is broken, a layer of Neosporin or Vaseline will do.
  • Take a nap or get some rest.
  • Drink lots! We rarely have juice, but I've been letting my kids have it as a motivation to drink more. A fun cup or water bottle can also help.
  • Eat nourishing foods that soothe the throat. My favorites are chicken soup (homemade when I have the energy) and citrus fruits. Try to limit sugar.
  • Drink honey lemonade—heat up a cup of water and add about a tablespoon each honey and lemon. It feels good on a sore throat.
  • Swallow a spoonful of honey if coughing gets out of hand (not for babies!). Cough drops are helpful too if your child is old enough not to choke on them.
  • Avoid strenuous activity, especially if it causes coughing or exhaustion. Plenty of fresh air is good, though!

How do you treat colds during the day? Do you have a favorite soup recipe for when your family is sick?
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    1. Great suggestions.. Hope the kids are feeling better..

    2. You sound like a patient and thoughtful mother. Good suggestions, too.
      We also use elderberry syrup. It's a traditional "herbal" remedy to help chase a cold or flu away in record time. And my family likes my homemade egg drop soup - with home-canned stock and our own eggs. I could e-mail you the recipes for both if you were interested.
      Whatever you have done for the least of these... God bless you as you serve your family!

      1. Thank you for the tips! I would love your recipe for egg drop soup, it sounds like a nice change from the usual chicken soup.