The housework schedule

I'm glad that Sew Blessed Maw asked about my housework schedule, because now I have an excuse to type it up and get it a bit more organized.

I got up again yesterday, by the way, but I was about 20 minutes late. I must have hit snooze twice without noticing. I went to bed late and the kids woke me up three times. Luckily there was still time to do everything I needed to do before breakfast.

In any case, here's the housework schedule I wrote up for myself. I probably won't get to everything every week, but it makes me feel saner knowing it's all down on paper and that I should have a chance to pay attention to everything in the house once a week.

I hope that after a few weeks of sticking to this schedule, I'll be ready to add something else, such as daily routines or monthly rotating deep-cleaning lists. We'll see!


Upstairs: stairs, bedrooms, hall, and sewing room
Tidy up
Change sheets and towels
Wash linens
Wash rags (if necessary)
Sort clothes for laundry
Clean all bathrooms
Plan Family Home Evening

Kitchen and dining room
Clear and scrub counters
Scrub the kitchen sink
Sweep and mop kitchen, dining room, bathroom, entry, and laundry room
Tidy the pantry
Clean out a cupboard or a drawer
Clean microwave, stove, and oven
Clean out fridge
Dust/clean light fixtures and china cabinet
Wash kitchen linens
File papers

Sort, treat, wash, and put away clothes
Go to library/run errands
Plan menu

Shopping and miscellaneous
Go to grocery store/run errands
Catch up on email
Work on orchestra business
Clip the cat's claws
Make up cleaning supplies if necessary

Downstairs: Living room, playroom, guest room, entry, laundry room, coat closet
Tidy up
Organize bookcases
Organize/decorate mantel
Work on lesson for church class on Sunday

Sweep porches
Hose off cobwebs
Pick up trash around house
Take inside trash out to bins
Cruelly force the children to do some form of work
Work on lesson for church class on Sunday


  1. Dianna,
    You are such an encourager to me.. I love your schedule and it seems so doable.
    I am working on a new schedule for me too. When I have one, I seem to stay more organized and it seems easier to keep things running smoothly.. [I thought once that the kids were grown and not
    living at home, and it just being me and hubby , things would not get out of order..WRONG!! It is just as bad,lol]Plus, when I don't have a schedule, I seem to run back and forth making from room to room, instead of getting stuff done.
    thank you so much for sharing.. I ran a copy of yours , to help me work through mine..

    1. Yes, I hate that I end up running around and not accomplishing anything without a plan!

  2. You'd be proud of my extreme house cleaning today with packing for the trip. I don't want to come home to a stinky home.

    1. Yay! I hate coming home to a dirty house too. I look forward to coming home when I know everything is tidy. One of my favorite things to do when I have time is to change my sheets before I leave, so I'll come home to a nice fresh bed.

  3. OH wow, I'd never have time to get all those chores done. You must have a really lovely, clean home! ( :
    I only dust about 3 times a year!

    1. Holly, I don't think I'll be able to get everything done every week! It's just nice to have a guideline of what to look at each day. (Also I don't homeschool and have four kids like you do, superwoman!)

  4. Although I am not naturally an organized person, I find that I get so much more done when I follow a schedule. Even if I have to make adjustments to my weekly schedule I am much more productive if I have one written out.

  5. My adult, live-at-home daughter has taken homemaking schedules to heart of late and I can see it in the amazing productivity she displays. I'm so blessed to have her help and I can tell it helps her feel good about how much she accomplishes. We printed out your list to review and see if there are holes in the one she started. We will be tweaking it and dividing up the regular chores and housekeeping. She says that this way she won't feel like she's not sure what to do while I'm busy working around the house.