Still on the schedule

Mr. Mordecai and Red Chief were sick over the weekend, so I was kept pretty busy taking care of them. Luckily they're mostly on the mend, so things should get back to normal around here soon.

I'm still on my housework schedule, more or less. Here were my goals from last week:
  • Keep going with the schedule and keep my focus each day.
  • Tuesdays! I'm going to work on doing better on Tuesdays. 
  • Work 1 hour on the filing cabinet.
  • Make the kids clean their rooms on Saturdays. We didn't do it this week and I think it needs to be done. I'm going to add it to my schedule.
  • Take better care of myself. Go to bed by 10:30. Eat less sugar. Eat a healthy lunch each day.
Guess what? I mostly accomplished my goals (although there were some small fails, such as slacking off on Friday and working only about 45 minutes on the filing cabinet). 

I'm doing much better on Tuesdays, and this week—today—I'm going to work on Tuesdays again. In fact, I would like to repeat these same goals this week, to strengthen my habits and to keep myself focused.

1 comment:

  1. So proud of you for keeping your schedule going this past week.. Especially with sick folks [proud their feeling better, hope they are completely well soon.]
    I too, kept to my schedule pretty well last week.. I didn't do the ironing [eek],But, Will try to catch up this week.. I had so much
    sewing to get done [that's my excuse,ha.. Eeeeeh, I hate to iron.].
    You really help to encourage me,thank you.