Fun Mom

I decided to be Fun Mom this week since my kids were out of school, which means we went on two outings (movies, science museum + picnic in the park) and played with friends. That's about as fun as I get.

In any case, it threw off my routine (which is fine—I think doing fun things with my kids was more important than vacuuming).

I'm going to take a week or two off blogging. I'm not feeling very inspired lately, but I'm sure it will come back soon enough, especially if I'm not trying too hard.


  1. Good for you.. Most definitely...have fun with the kids.. and the schedule and regular work, will all be there when the kids are back in school.
    Enjoy your blogging off time.. I will miss your encouraging post..But.. know everyone needs some off time..
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Have you thought about museum and/or zoo memberships? That way, you pay just a little more and you can go unlimited all year at no extra charge.

  3. Hey Mrs. M. Here's the blog of one of my friends from the Children's Museum. She left a few days ago for her Mormon mission in Botswana. Her family will be updating the blog once a week. Her father is the head of the fix it people at the children's museum. (He doesn't believe in childproof, lol). sisterchelseagehring.blogspot.com