Alphabet recognition pages

Recently, Mr. Mordecai and I were discussing preschool options for Tiger Lily next year, and soon after, she started begging me to teach her the alphabet. That's a hard request to deny.

She already knows most of her uppercase letters, but she doesn't have much practice naming them. I found this website that will generate pages of random alphabet letters. It was just what we needed, and we used ours straight off the screen.

I am looking forward to practicing more with Tiger Lily using these worksheets.


  1. Our daughter is super excited about preschool next year. We recently created a binder with worksheets in it and now she does homework right along side our Kindergartner and she loves it. I searched for all sorts of worksheet sites...I'll have to check this one out. Also, for some very fun alphabet songs check out this link - http://www.storybots.com/ You can download the songs for free at least for now and they have classic songs as well. The videos are super fun and you can cast your child in some of them. We love it! Thanks for the worksheet recommendation.

    1. Thanks for the link. It looks like something Tiger Lily will love.

  2. How wonderful that you are working with Tiger Lily this year..she will breeze throuhg preschool and make it so much easier for her..
    Don't our babies grow up so fast? Our youngest grandkids [the twins] ,just turned 8. It seems they were in preschool just yesterday..Time is flying.