5 pizza-like meals

Do your kids love pizza as much as mine do? They're eager to eat anything we can pass off as pizza-related. Here are some meals that my kids love because they're pizza-like.

  • Quesadillas. These definitely look like pizza, especially when cut into wedges, and Red Chief, the black bean hater, has been known to gobble down ridiculous amounts of mashed black beans hidden within quesadillas.
  • Summer vegetable tian. My kids insist this tastes like pizza.
  • English muffins topped with scrambled eggs and melted cheese. Breakfast pizza.
  • Crustless spinach quiche. We call it egg pizza.
  • Tomato-mozzarella salad on French bread. It has all the major ingredients of pizza: bread, tomatoes, and cheese.

Can you think of any other pizza-like meals?


  1. Oh yummy.. and so smart.. One of my grandaughters is such a "picky eater".. I mean she and her mama battle constantly. But , she loves pizza, so lots of their meals are "pizza"..And it sure makes the meal time better.ha
    She does one that is Cauliflower Pizza..The cauliflower makes the crust. Callie loved it , and had she of known she was eating cauliflower, it would have tasted terrible to her.ha. I can't remember the recipe, but I think mainly it is cauliflower ,cheese and tomatoes?
    Thanks for sharing.. How is your house keeping schedule coming along? Good here.. I had a pretty busy week, last week..But still managed to get alot of my list done.. and the house definitely stayed more managable.

    1. Cauliflower pizza sounds fun! I'm still getting along with the schedule. I would like to do better, but I'll keep trying this week. More tomorrow.