Whole wheat rolls

I made these whole wheat rolls a few days ago (here's the recipe; via this pin). They turned out very nicely despite the fact that I forgot to add the three eggs that it called for. I noticed after I set my dough to rise, but since the dough looked lovely and I wasn't sure what would happen if I tried to knead them in at that point, I just plowed ahead anyway.

My rolls weren't such a nice color as the photo from the site; I think partly because I used white whole wheat flour. These would look nicer with regular whole wheat flour, I think.

I have had terrible luck with rolls—I don't know why, because I can make bread just fine. But I think these are some of the nicest rolls I have made.

Now: next time I make them, do I put in the eggs or not?


  1. I love rolls, but I have a similar problem. My rolls always come out too dense for some reason. These look great though. Thanks for coming by Foodie Friday

  2. You have been away a long time, welcome back to foodie friday. Your rolls look delicious and your blog looks terrific too.