Recipes in rhyme

Today as I was browsing old books, I came across these rhymed recipes. Certainly not the most efficient way to get your point across, but I'll give them points for creativity!
Rhymed Receipts for any Occasion
by Kimberly Strickland
Here's a cake for dainty eating.
Peanut butter, just a cup,
In the bowl some soda meeting
(Half a teaspoon, you take up).
Add one cup of clear, warm water,
Stir till paste is smooth as silk,
Leaving not a trace, my daughter,
Of the soda—white as milk.
Then, still beating like a Vandal,
Mix in flour just enough
To form dough that you can handle—
It must be a plastic stuff.
Knead this well with your ten fingers,
After which roll very thin,
Seek where moderate heat lingers
As the place to bake it in.
Let the oven do its duty,
You'll discover by and by
That each wafer is a beauty,
When it comes out crisp and dry.

Select bananas, gold of hue,
And uniform in size,
With care remove the fruit, and slice
Quite thin—I would advise.
Mix these slim rounds with pecan meats,
Broken in tiny bits,
And grape-fruit shredded finely, too,
And robbed of all its pits.
This medley next is drenched with oil,
And lemon juice combined,
The hollow skins are then filled up—
Or, shall we say, relined?
Now place upon crisp lettuce leaves,
Or curly water-cress,
The golden shapes, and walnuts add,
Shorn of their outer dress.

Sugar and water you combine
To make a syrup sweet,
Adding a little lemon juice,
The flavor to complete.
Peel oranges, the seeds remove,
Cut into quarters true,
Lay in the boiling syrup next,
And cook ten minutes through.
Place on a crystal dish the fruit
O'er which the syrup pour,
And strew with candied cherries red—
To give the one touch more.


  1. "Still beating like a vandal" I love that line! Ha ha! So fun.