Pinstrosity challenge: Baked beans

There is a blog I enjoy reading called Pinstrosity, and this month they're challenging us to try out some of the things we have pinned and report on them.

I think it sounds like fun, especially because there is so much on Pinterest that promises miracles with no proof. I hope that by trying out some pins, I'll have fun and get a few things done into the bargain.

So, after that intro, here's what I did this weekend . . . I made baked beans! Except they didn't turn out as expected.

The original pin is here. Doesn't it look great?

Here's how mine turned out:

More like bean soup. We ate them anyway, and they were edible, but not terribly exciting. I followed the directions pretty closely other than leaving out the tempeh bacon. Oh, and I used great northern beans instead of navy beans—possibly that could have been the problem? And perhaps they might have thickened up more if I had let them cook an extra hour, who knows?

In any case, if I made these again, I would probably reduce the water by 1.5 cups, and/or possibly stir in a can of tomato paste at the end. But I will probably just try out another recipe.


  1. That would be good with some diced tomatoes and cilantro.

  2. If you want some laughs, check out pinterestfail.com

  3. Looks yummy ..a good soup anyway,ha.
    Have fun , trying out the recipes..