Melted crayon hearts

I tried out another project from Pinterest over the weekend: crayon hearts. I've been saving old crayons for months so we could make enough for Red Chief's class for Valentine's Day.

I decided to let six-year-old Red Chief do most of the work, since they're for his class. I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce the oven to him, since it was at such a low temperature. He was very happy about that: he loves to do things on his own. The first batch came out mostly fine, except that some of the fatter crayons didn't want to melt.

The second batch was a bit more interesting. I figured Red Chief could manage it on his own, but after a few minutes, he came over to me and reported that he was "speeding up the melting." The way he accomplished that was by transferring the baking sheet with the muffin tin on it directly on top of the bottom element of the oven!

It smelled a little funny by the time I got there. Luckily the crayons actually somehow came out all right. The only casualty was my oven mitts, which were a little singed and waxy.

Am I ever going to let Red Chief use the oven again? Definitely. But I'll pay closer attention to him next time.

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