Just a day

Red Chief practiced swallowing Tic-Tacs in the morning as practice for pills (someday—we don't have any immediate need, but he's learning now since he wanted to try).

I sat on the couch with Tiger Lily after our library trip and read her a stack of books. It made us both happy.

I cleaned the bathrooms, which is prosaic but fulfilling; I love how shiny the chrome fixtures are for the first few days after I've polished them.

I watched Tiger Lily eat half a grapefruit at lunch.

I organized my sewing board on Pinterest.

I made breadsticks from my artisan bread dough in the fridge. This will be my new way of providing bread for dinner when I've forgotten about making it until 30 minutes before.

I got an email from someone who wants to share genealogy information. It makes me happy.

Mr. Mordecai brought me Valentine's chocolates (much cheaper now than a week ago!).

I practiced violin with the kids two days in a row. Three-year-old Tiger Lily's attention span may be longer than six-year-old Red Chief's.

I bribed Red Chief to do his best on his reading homework and he read his 120-word assignment in under a minute.


This is what my day was, lots of little moments strung together—nothing terribly exciting or out of the ordinary—just a good day.


  1. And a lovely day in the eyes of any mom and homemaker. I loved the swallowing of tic-tacs cute and important thing to practice. ;o)


  2. Sounds like a good day.. I am having that kind of day too..Things that just "must" be done.
    ps Great idea to use tic tac's to learn to swallow pills.. My 2 older grandaughters, put thier pills in cool whip or pudding and hide them and swallow??? But it works.ha

  3. That tic-tac idea is great! I had to learn to swallow pills when I was taking chemotherapy drugs. Yeah....not the best time to be learning. Especially since one of them was so nasty tasting it made me nearly vomit. You are such a smart mom!
    I love the little run down of your day.