How Thanksgiving turned out

Well, I attempted to make the Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. I started out on Thursday by making the bread for the stuffing, the creamed spinach, and a pumpkin and a raspberry pie. So far, so good.

Friday morning I made the rolls and put the stuffing and mashed potatoes in the slow cookers. The oven was free for the turkey, and I was all ready. The turkey was almost completely thawed from having spent a few days in the fridge; I just ran a little water inside it to get some ice out of the inner cavity. I rubbed it with oil and salted it and put it in the roasting pan and popped it in the oven a little after 1pm. Everything was going fine!

I checked on it at about 4pm, after I had collected Red Chief from school. Something was not right. The oven was barely warm and the turkey was not as cooked as it should have been after three hours in the oven. There were raw juices in the bottom of the pan! I had to throw away that poor turkey.

It turns out that our oven element fizzled out. I'm guessing it happened not long after I put the turkey in. Ack! Of all the times for it to die!

A new element is on the way and will be here next week. This is the second element we have had to replace in just over two years. Is this normal? Our oven isn't an expensive one, but I would have expected an element to last a bit longer than that. Perhaps I am too hard on it.

In any case, it's a problem that's easily remedied . . . I just wish it had gone out while I was baking bread or something more mundane (and less expensive) than when I was attempting to cook my first turkey!

Oh, and in case you wondered, the rest of the dinner was very nice. There was plenty of food without the turkey.


  1. What a sad coincidence! After all your preparations. ) : Poor turkey. Glad everything else turned out well. I have a similar weird issue with my microwave light bulb. I've NEVER had a microwave light bulb burn out before and now I've had to replace ours twice in a year!

  2. OH. I am soooo sorry.. What a terrible time for your element to go out.
    I agree, it seems terrible to burn out in that short of a time span.. Things just don't seem to last, like they use too.. I have gas stove, so I don't have the elements.
    So proud the rest of the supper went well, and you had a nice evening..[I probably would have been so upset, after all that work, that i would not have been nice to be around.lol].. Proud of you.