Food from books: Aunt Em's doughnuts

I don't believe I had ever made actual fried homemade doughnuts, until today. I came across a recipe for Aunt Em's Doughnuts (via this pin), and I knew I had to make them right way. Luckily for me, they're raised with baking powder, not yeast, so it wasn't long before I had two platters of fresh doughnuts.

The original blogger found the recipe for these doughnuts in an old family cookbook, titled "Aunt Em's Doughnuts." She imagined that Dorothy Gale's Aunt Em might have made them, and I can certainly see Aunt Em in the kitchen of her lonely farm frying them up, even though no doughnuts are mentioned in the book.

These turned out very good, and I'm glad I tried them. I always thought doughnuts would take all day and be terribly tricky, and I'm glad to find out I was wrong.


  1. Aren't doughnuts fun? I make them with my potato refrigerator dough recipe.

  2. those look so yummy!!! I love the old recipes.. they are the best..