Cooking Calendar: February

I enjoyed cooking from Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar again this month. I made two menus from the calendar. They were relatively frugal, filling, and fairly popular with the family. I'm looking forward to continuing this project throughout the year!


Quick Supper
Hamburger patties
Pan-fried potatoes
Peas in cream
Banana roll-ups with lemon sauce

I fried up the hamburger patties plain, without seasoning. Next time I would probably spice them up a little. For the peas, I just cooked up some frozen peas and added some cream. Umm . . . it was kinda weird. Next time I would find a recipe, or just skip the cream. The banana roll-ups were surprisingly good (banana halves encased in pie crust), and I'm glad I tried something I wouldn't otherwise think to make.


Pennywise Supper
Cabbage and frank jubilee
Whole wheat brown and serve rolls
Gingerbread with hot applesauce

The cabbage and hot dog casserole was pretty good, except for the hot dogs (but of course the hot dogs were the kids' favorite part). I made my own rolls and gingerbread from scratch, and used some home-canned applesauce from my mom, which we all love. We ended up with too much food, and we probably could have skipped either the rolls or the gingerbread easily.


  1. On my blog I have a recipe for creamy peas and potatoes that you might like. That cookbook sounds interesting!

  2. My husband made crwamed peas the other day which he said his grandma used to make. It was basically peas in a white sauce or gravy.

  3. Ooo! I hadn't seen this book before, but it looks like one I must have. Thanks for showcasing it!