Cargo pants

I finished these pants a few weeks ago, but I haven't shared them with you yet because . . . why? Oh, maybe because the first set of photos I took turned out terrible. Really awful. Then Red Chief wore the pants all day before the elastic snapped! So I had to rip out part of the waistband and one of the belt loops to sew it back in. Ugh.

In any case, they're fixed now, and we got some decent pictures of Red Chief wearing them (and holding his beloved stuffed pig Mercy Watson).

I used the cargo pants pattern from Oliver + S. Sewing up this pattern was like taking a class! All the little sewing details described in the pattern took my sewing to a new level. These pants look so much better than anything else I've ever sewn.

In fact, if it weren't for the fact that I cut out half of the pieces upside-down, I don't think these pants would look homemade at all. You see, I used some light corduroy I thrifted, but it was in a bunch of pieces rather than one big length. I cut all the pattern pieces on the grain, but the nap was off on some, and I didn't realized that the fabric looked different from each direction until the pants were all made up.

But no one is going to notice that when the pants are on a jumping, spinning, running six-year-old, right?


  1. Very cute! When I was in high school, I used to like to wear those calf length cargo skirts lolol.

  2. These are so cute.. He looks adorable.. and you are so right, when Red Chief is running around..nO one will ever notice the grain on the fabric.. Great job.. I love Oliver + S patterns..