Yes and no

  • Spending an afternoon in the kitchen. It was relaxing, and we got some fabulous granola out of the bargain.
  • Actually planning out my food storage instead of just aimlessly buying extra of this and that.
  • Listening to the kids when they talk to me.
  • Writing down a few things I want to get done each day.
  • Having Tiger Lily help me tidy up the living areas of the house before she gets to play each morning.
  • Being consistent in enforcing that Red Chief complete all of his responsibilities each day. It gets easier the longer I enforce it, but if I let it go for a day, it's like starting all over again.
  • Walking Red Chief home from school each day. It's unbelievably cold, but the fresh air is good for all of us.
  • Having Family Home Evening on the same subject for a whole month. The kids are definitely thinking about honesty more now that we've talked about it for three weeks straight!

  • Wrapping up in a blanket to combat the cold. Activity is much more effective.
  • Letting the bathroom go too long before cleaning it.
  • Neglecting Tiger Lily's hair. Neither of us likes doing it much, but she looks so much more civilized when it's done—and I need the practice of doing it every day, since it's not really my strong point.
  • Not reminding Red Chief to complete his responsibilities, but just hoping he'll choose to get them done in a timely fashion. Ha ha.
  • Staying up too late for days on end.
  • Not going anywhere I don't absolutely have to because it is so cold and because the streets have turned into ice-skating rinks. I'm starting to feel a little stir-crazy!
  • Adding cornmeal to my regular bread dough recipe. It turns it into a brick! I think I'll try this recipe instead.


  1. Love your do's and don'ts..
    I am so ready for spring.. The cold wet mud is really making any type of outdoor activity impossiable.[or an excuse for me.ha]

  2. Ooh, planning out food storage- I need to do that! I agree that activity keeps us warm much more effectively. (Though when I'm up half of every night with the baby I tend to just put on a jacket and a blanket and keep the heat slightly higher. I'm too tired to walk around so I just snuggle up in a chair.)