Wood cleaner: before and after

On Saturday, we moved Tiger Lily into a different bedroom. We also did some furniture shuffling, and Tiger Lily ended up with the dresser and bed that I used as a girl (and that—I hope I'm remembering right—my aunt used before me).

The dresser top has seen better days. It probably needs refinished, but that's something I'm more likely to look at a little later, when Tiger Lily isn't three.

In any case, I had recently seen a recipe for wood polish on Pinterest (promising miracles, of course). I gave it a try, since it was relatively cheap and I had the ingredients on hand. It worked! I can't believe how much better that poor dresser looks now. Bonus: no toxic fumes!


Thrifty wood polish

1/4 cup oil (canola, vegetable, olive, whatever you've got)
3/4 cup vinegar

Mix oil and vinegar together in a bowl. Dust your wood and/or clean it. Apply polish with a soft cloth (note that the oil will float on top, so dip your rag far enough into the mixture to get some vinegar on it, too). Polish with a dry cloth.



  1. Wow.. that is amazing.. I will save this recipe for sure..THanks for sharing.

  2. I had an heirloom bed when I was a child. It went all the way back to my aunts who were teens when my mom was born. My mom used it, some of my older cousins, and then me. When I was 4, I was watching Sesame Street, and I was jealous of Ernie and Bert because they had "E" and "B" on their headboards. So I got out a magic marker and made a big "D" on mine. My mom was so mad! It stayed that way until I was 14 and we sold it before we moved to Arizona from Chicago. The guy who bought it was sure he could get the D out. I was disappointed, and begged my mom to keep it, because I wanted to pass it down, too.

  3. Wow! I was wondering if that actually worked. Guess I need to try it. :D